MPS Scar & Adhesion Therapy

About Scar Tissue

Scar formation is a normal reaction of the body to injury. Scar formation may continue for a period of time after wound closure is accomplished. Scars can form adhesions that stick to underlying tissue and muscle. Restricted movement and pain can be experienced as scars heal.

A scar in one area of the body can affect the fascia, muscles and tissues in other areas. It is reported in many different scientific studies that once scar tissues form, they bind together many different structures. These may contain fascia, nerves, muscles, organs and other neighboring structures in a strong adhesive bond.

Scar Neural Therapy History

Where Does Neural (Scar) Therapy Come From?

Neural therapy was developed by two German physician-dentist brothers, Walter and Ferdinand Hueke, in the 1920s and 30s. They accidentally found that procaine- a local anesthetic (negative polarity) – when injected into certain spots such as scars, can relieve pain in areas away from the place of injection.

They also found that the pain relief lasts much longer than would be expected from the anesthetic effect alone. The brothers called these spots “interference fields”. Neural therapy is the treatment of pain and other illnesses by finding and treating interference fields. The best- known location for interference fields is in surgical scars.

How MPS Scar & MLD Therapy Works

New scars and mature scars can receive benefits with MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage), Massage, MPS (Micro-current Point Stimulation) Therapy and high vibrational essential oils to bring the tissue back to it’s normal state. Releasing scar tissue can also help to reform circulatory and lymphatic passageways to help move fluids.

MLD also seems to promote tissue regeneration, reducing formation and severity of scars which can be unsightly and sometimes painful. One can see this tissue-regenerating effect in treatment of burns, accelerated wound healing with fewer complications, bone fractures and even the reversal of stretch marks, especially in their early stages.

Essential oils start the movement of the cells within the tissue, which has had no movement.

MPS direct current micro current stimulation works well with the essential oils to bring the vibration of the cells in the scar/adhesion back up to where they should be. This combination releases scar tissue and adhesions virtually instantly, which far surpasses any other treatment. Then …other massage modalities are applied to help with restoration of the fascia to it’s normal state.

This technique should not be underestimated in its potency. Releasing scars involved with Acupuncture Meridians and Dermatomes that influence the pain site can sometimes be the single most important factor in the treatment of chronic pain.

I am now recommending to include the FAR InfraRed Sauna with the MPS Scar session .

16) In Japan, Hideyoshi Toyokawa and others researched the effects of FIR on wound healing. The results showed that FIR can improve wound healing significantly. The results can be read at Experimental Biology and Medicine online journal: –

17) Far Infrared Healing with Photons “From first hand experience, I can tell you (FIR) is a miraculous tool that on the surface seems contradictory. It can help alleviate the sensation of numbness, but it can also bring back a sense of feeling in areas that have gone numb. It can remove overgrown scar tissue and it can stimulate tissue growth. It can remove excess pigment, but it also restores pigment in areas where needed. It can activate healing components within the immune system, but also decrease the body’s sometimes harmful inflammation response,” says an enthusiastic researcher.

What to expect

  • A consultation and assessment plan will be discussed
  • One to six treatments, which can include MLD within the session
  • An Essential Oil Blend will be applied to scar area
  • A Micro-Current device is applied to each side of visible scars in order to “repolarize” the local tissue and release fascia and muscles which are influenced by the scar. The MPS will address other areas related to scar.
  • Session length is one hour or one hour and a half
  • Price is $45 or $65 per session depending on length, specials & a sliding scale available

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