MLD to DETOX the Body

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Manual lymphatic drainage involves the detoxification of the entire body. The massage can provide relief from chronic pain, restored hydration and a reduction in fluid retention in various parts of the body. It is a good therapy for individuals with anxiety, insomnia and allergies, and studies have shown that it has positive effects on the nervous system. Not only does manual lymphatic drainage lower blood pressure and reduce overall stress, but many physicians recommend the therapeutic MLD after surgery.

Allow Manual Lymphatic Drainage to take the strain of your next detox session, where it will be a useful adjunct to the other techniques you normally use. MLD will accelerate the removal of waste products, toxins and excess fluid, helping produce clearer skin, reduced cellulite, improved skin tone and feel, reduced puffiness, lower fluid retention, improved energy, alertness and well-being.

Relax Far InfraRed Sauna in Gainesville, FL

A sauna used to be thought of as a luxury. Studies now confirm that diet and environmental chemicals cause 95% of cancers. Furthermore, as the first generation of man exposed to such an unprecedented plethora of daily chemicals, we have learned that stored or undetoxified chemicals can mimic any disease. ‘Incurable’ chronic diseases that were thought to have no known cause often disappear once toxic chemicals are gone. Since the RELAX FAR Infrared sauna is the safest, most efficacious and economical way of depurating stored toxins, this makes it a household necessity.” 

Japanese Study on Far InfraRed Sauna Benefits

Body MLD for Sports & Wellness

Stimulates the body’s lymph circulation, improves metabolism, helps eliminate waste, toxins that build up during training and healthily supports the immune system. Many benefits for Acute and Chronic conditions, Sports related, Degenerative, Cancer related conditions in which Edema plays a part…Compression wrapping available.

What other conditions can benefit from using Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Adiposity (Obesity)

Ankle joint arthrosis


Arm edema

Arthritic conditions

Bell’s Palsy


Burn scars


Carpal tunnel syndrome



Central nervous system (CNS – diseases of)

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic inflammation


Cosmetic surgery scars

Cranial edema

Cystic fibrosis


Diseases of the digestive tract


Down’s Syndrome

Dynamic and mixed

Edema (acute and chronic)

Ear-nose-throat region (ENT)



Fractures and damaged bones

Frozen shoulder

Genital edema


Habitual constipation


Headaches (inc. chronic)

Inflammatory rheumatism


Intestinal track (diseases of)

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)



Lymphatic enteropathy

Lymphostatic edema after surgery


Meniere’s disease

Menopausal problems

Menstrual problems


Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Muscle rupture

Pain (general/chronic)

Parkinson’s disease

Phantom pain

Primary leg edema

Puffy/swollen eyes

Repetitive strain syndrome (RSI)

Shoulder dislocation


Skin problems and diseases

Sports injuries


Surgery scars

Tinnitus and acute hearing loss

Trigeminal neuralgia

Venous edema

Venous leg ulcer

Whiplash syndrome


And lots more!