Lymphedema Risk Management

MLD for secondary lymphedema following breast cancer surgery

After the removal of lymph nodes by surgery, or the use of radiation treatment, lymph can build up in the body tissues, causing pain, discomfort and anxiety. There may be a feeling of heaviness, tightness and swelling in the affected arm. Manual Lymphatic Drainage encourages the body to find new pathways and to energize adjacent, existing lymph vessels, to re-route excess fluid away from the swollen area, and to maintain those pathways, so they continue to work in the long term.

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Lymphedema Risk Management Program Series

  • Reduce present and future risks of developing Lymphedema
  • Ideally the Program starts MLD 2nd day post-op, 4-5 MLD’s per week for 2 weeks, 2 MLD’s per week for 6 months, thereafter can be discussed.
  • Risks and preventative measures for daily living are discussed.
  • I am offering a sliding scale of affordability for this invaluable gift of wellness for yourself !

A recent study published in the Journal of Lymphology1 emphasized the significant effect of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) in preventing the onset of secondary lymphedema of the upper extremity on the operated side following breast cancer surgery. The study showed that prophylactic application of MLD administered immediately following breast cancer surgery helped to prevent or considerably alleviate secondary lymphedema of the arm, irrespective of the method of breast cancer treatment. Read

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