Massage is not a luxury

Chronic stress is a very common condition of modern life, and it’s effects can weaken your your defenses to illness. Inflammation is the body’s response to stress, and can occur almost silently accumulating slowly over time with symptoms that lead to serious health issues.

Massage can help alleviate inflammation and it is also an anti-aging technique. 


Lily Van Halen

MLD Specialist | LMT | CMLDT | MA 60605 | MM 29644.

As a MLD patient herself, she knows you will enjoy the benefits of MLD as much as she has on the journey to wellness.

Lily is a Licensed Therapist with training in:

  • Oncology|Cancer Massage: helps to manage treatment symptoms, restore balance and vitality.
  • MSP Pain Management Therapy: superior results, in a fraction of the time. All without drugs, side effects, pads or gels.
  • Scar Management Therapy: MLD with essential Oils & MPS used to quickly release scar tissue and adhesion.
  • Complete Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy: a graduate of the MLD Institute International in “Vodder Style” MLD, Lily is CMLDT Certified.

Lily is active and passionate in educating women on the risks and prevention of Lymphedema Risk Management MLD package. As a member FSMTA and the Society for Oncology Massage, she actively volunteers in our community.

What Clients Say About Me

All the lifetime injuries I have incurred from car, motorcycle and horse accidents as well as farm-related lifestyle injuries, aches and pains have been dealt with over the years through Chiropractic and Acupuncture.

I’m in my sixties and started going for massage treatments only last year and have felt the results immediately from Lily Van Halen and know that she has helped me with short term and long term pain relief through her knowledge of how the body works and the techniques she uses to help the body heal itself as well as strengthening my core.

My chronic low back pain and my torn rotator cuffs are much less a problem for me now, I sleep better and take hardly any ibuprofen as well because I am having regular massage treatments now just like my acupuncture treatments every month.

I have actually cut out my chiropractor in exchange for the massage therapy because the results are much better for me and I can continue my highly physical lifestyle I enjoy on the farm, which includes riding horses too. Of course I will still see my chiropractor if I have another injury that limits my mobility again.

I have been to other massage therapists in the past and I do like the way Lily has helped me because she focuses on my lifestyle not just my chronic conditions. I am able to use my arms much better and I also believe she has helped me with my posture through her techniques of strengthening of my core.

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