How To Prepare for your Session

It is best to shower before your session. It is a good idea not to eat a large meal, or consume large amounts of liquids, and do avoid stimulants (caffeine, sugar or other stimulants). Come with an open mind and heart to experience the full benefits from your massage session. Your first massage, what to expect when it comes to massage therapy, Gainesville Florida residents know that Lily Van Halen is the person to see. Lily specializes in first time clients. She knows that getting your initial massage can be a little stressful and he will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Her warm personal approach, realization that everyone is a unique individual with different preferences, and kind cheerful nature will put you instantly at ease.

Lily will take you through the entire process step-by-step. Each session starts with a private consultation to find out exactly what you need and want. You should arrive 15 minutes early so we can go over everything and not be rushed.

If you feel uncomfortable about anything let me know. I know what it is like to get your first massage and understands what you are feeling. Many first time clients worry about having to get undressed. Not a problem. You are always securely covered throughout your massage treatment with a sheet or towel at your comfort level. You only take off as much clothing as you feel comfortable removing. Just communicate what your preferences are and you will be accommodated.

Clients in the process of receiving cancer treatments, during and post, will be accessed and the level of pressure will be adjusted to make sure your body can accept the massage safely and comfortably afterwards. Later in your recovery, you can resume your previous deep pressure if safe to do so.

Choose Lily Van Halen at Advanced Massage Works for an enjoyable, comfortable first massage experience.

Something I recommend to everyone, especially when it is your first massage experience, is to click on the following link: HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR MASSAGE.

Please print it out and really read it so you can enjoy your experience to the max!

Please print out Client Intake Form, fill out and bring with you so I may be best able to work with you safely and effectively.

What to know after massage

After your massage your body will be in a rebalancing mode, depending on how deep and extensive the work was. Because the massage has freed up restrictions, it is not uncommon for these restrictions to develop in the next restricted area before you exorcise them. This is a great way for the body to tell us where to spend time next session. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Take a walk around the block after your session or take one later in the day. Your body can better process and integrate changes through the walking

movement. Also helpful for any tenderness and flushing of by products/toxins is to take a 20 minute soak in a comfortably hot bath with 2 to 3 cups of Epsom Salts added.

I’m always open to a phone call, text or email for feedback either positive or to report other issues. 

Thank you , LILY