Lily's massages have brought me the kind of relaxation and structural opening, especially in my back, neck and hips. Lily is an intuitive therapist, bringing just the right combination of anatomical knowledge, deep care for my well-being and a lightness that keeps me coming back for more.  

Jeffrey, Construction Worker

90-minute massage

Lily provides a nice relaxing atmosphere from the time you pull up to her entrance. You are greeting by a lovely, welcoming garden. There is tranquil, soothing music and the soft sound of running water. The massage table provides warmth throughout the session. I am impaired from a stroke so muscles are often tight.. Lily uses the proper technique to loosen and relax the muscles. I leave feeling relaxed and ready to tackle another week. I always look forward to my next session with Lily!

- Alisha . 4/16/2016

My husband and I have both received therapeutic massage work from Lily, in our home, and it has helped us so much in reducing pain and stress! We feel safe and comfortable in her hands, and appreciate her professional consideration of our needs. She has always been on time, as well as flexible in changing appointment times. She has totally catered herself to our needs, and addressed our particular aches and pains, with love, respect. 
Taras and Chia

One cannot underestimate the connection between the body and mind. As a therapist, I understand the importance of stress reduction and the positive changes it can have on physical and mental stress. I practice what I preach and have been receiving massage therapy for over 20 years. I have had many massage therapists over those 20+ years, but after my first massage with Lily, I felt a calmness come over me that enabled both my body to relax and my mind to rest and take in the therapeutic benefit of the massage. I am not one to write testimonials, but I have to say the positive effect Lily's massages have had in reducing my stress as well as alleviating body pain from past sports injuries has inclined me to spread the word. Her caring touch along with the calming atmosphere in her office allow me to let go of the negative energy and embrace a healing outlook. When I walk out of one of her massage sessions, the therapeutic benefit is immediate and I cannot wait until my next session. I cannot say enough about Lily and her positive spirit that flows through her touch.


90 Minute Massage

Working on a computer all day, leaves me with a lot of shoulder and neck discomfort. I have been getting 90 minute monthly massage from Lily for several years. I always leave feeling very relaxed and stress-free. Her business is spa like - relaxing and calm.

- Arlene . 4/16/2016

Massage Experience

Lilly provides a whole body healing experience. With routine massage from Advanced Massage Works my body is more flexible and relaxed. From the aroma therapy to the heat, pressure and touch it is a transporting experience.

- Lee . 4/6/2016

Every once in a while you meet someone that you feel you should know, but you can't figure out where you've met them before. They may have been a daughter/son, sister/brother, mother/father, or wife/husband or very close friend from another life. Because of this spiritual presence, you accept them as family and allow them to work with your body's hidden energy forces, rejuvenating you, easing your tension, and sharing a piece of heaven!

Lily started working with me when I was doing a strenuous weight training/walking exercise program three times a day for 18 weeks without dieting in which I lost 32 pounds. She provided a massage every week for me to help relieve my pains and keep the fluids in my body circulating. During this time period I never got sick and felt great! Her encouragement and enthusiasm inspired me to stay with the program. She worked hard to focus on areas of special need! Her massage was healing!

If you need a break from what ever is "stirring your grits", want to feel loved and like you are the most important person in the world.   Lily can take you there!

It's more than massage...its therapy!



Six years ago I underwent a face, neck and brow lift surgery. Everything healed up beautifully except for two areas. In my hairline on both sides of my occipital area, was a raised thick scar the size of a nickel and as thick as two nickels stacked. These were tender to touch and I thought that I was stuck with that.

Recently I had the opportunity to experience MPS Scar Therapy on these two scars. Wow I was so impressed, in less than 20 minutes the thickness had flattened and the tenderness was gone. I have also suffered with ROM in my neck and that also has improved since the MPS treatment. MPS really works, I am impressed. M T


Thank you very much for the scar treatment. After only one treatment my scar feels much less sensitive and does not hurt. Before your treatment, my scar was very sensitive and painful. I cannot thank you enough! We have more areas to work on !


Breast Cancer Lumpectomy with Scar Therapy and MLD

I had stage 2 breast cancer and underwent lumpectomy and complete lymphnodectomy on my right side. I had to have a port installed for chemotherapy and blood work. Had surgery Nov & Dec 2012 remove breast tissue and lymph nodes both times. Then in Jan 2013 the port was installed and chemo therapy was Jan - May 2013. Then I underwent radiation therapy 5 days a week from mid-June to Aug 10, 2013. End of June I had the port removed. So needless to say, surgery sites have had repeated surgery trauma and then chemo & radiation abuse on top of it all. My first session with Lily (6/20/20123) was on the area where the drain tube came out under my right arm, it was very sore and painful. She used essential oils and MLD and Scar Therapy. She also used a micro current device, MPS therapy to assist the tissue to heal. Immediately after the session, the scar tissue was smooth and the entire area was extremely pliable and the sensitivity was much less.
I continued with Lily for weekly therapy sessions, next working on all the scarring tissue from all the surgeries abuse my body has had. Once again, all the scar tissues were polarized and melded correctly, that there was no lumpy ridges and felt smooth. She is very atuned to how my body "feels" and knows when it needs additional therapy or that we need to go to the next level. Next we worked on full MLD, and I noticed that when she was going over my entire body with the gentle releasing of lymphatic drainage of the toxins, I felt certain "balls of stress" that just melted away with such gentle touches.
I am now having session bi-weekly with aroma therapy massage, MPS or MLD all as needed, and much appreciated. After each session, I have a long drive home (1&1/2 hour) and it is very relaxing as if floating as a water lily on the pond. I have and will continue to recommend her to my friends and continue my own therapy sessions as well.

Candy…Live Oak, Fl

Breast Cancer LUMPECTOMY

My name is Darnel. I am 71 years old and a breast cancer survivor. A few weeks after my last surgery I started massage therapy with Lily for scar tissue. I had been seeing her for massages before this time. But now we were concentrating on the scar tissue. Then the time came when Lily talked to me about MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation). So we started doing both massage and MPS. After the very first treatment of MPS I noticed a change in the scar tissue. After each treatment I could feel change in the size and hardness of the scar tissue. My feelings were reinforced by my doctor at my last visit. He told me that the scar tissue was smaller and softer and that the entire breast tissue was softer. My last mammogram showed that the breast tissue was not uniform in composition throughout. There is no doubt in my mind that MPS helps to break up scar tissue. My main reason for wanting to break up the scar tissue is because every six months my doctor was finding lumps in the area of the scar tissue. I would then have to have a biopsy and wait for the results. I am very grateful to Lily for all she has done for me.
Thank You Lily


In December 2011, I had an emergency appendectomy. The incision went from above my naval to my pelvic bone. The incision was left to heal from the inside out. This left a scar 8" long and 2" wide. I had adhesions and dense tissue around the scar area which seemed to also constipate me. During the summer of 2013, I began going to Lily for massage therapy. Lily spoke to me about the scar treatment and how it could help me. So I decided to give it a try. After two treatments, I was surprised by the results. The scar and area around the scar is softer, smoother and feels more supple. The adhesions seemed to have released a bit and has allowed my bowels to move with more regularity. If this was the results after only two treatments, I am eager to see the improvements after more. 



When I was six yrs old I was hit by a truck. I had two surgeries to fix my spiral fractured femur and have a 12 inch scar on my left thigh. However I have no sense of feeling in the scar itself, I sometimes experience deep aches in my thigh, especially gloomy weather days. I have a visible un-smooth scar.
When I had it worked on with scar therapy I began to notice that it became smoother, and ached less on rainy days. I was shocked at the outcome with only one MPS session and will have several more. 



I sought therapeutic MLD sessions after having breast reduction surgery and noticing that it was taking me too long to heal. The scar tissue under my arms, where liposuction was done, showed several lumps and Lily suggested adding MPS scar tissue therapy to improve the process. I felt much better right after the first session and the healing process improved much faster. I could move my arms easier without pain and the scars were smoother and less noticeable after just a few sessions. Thank you Lily, for your expertise and advice!



In March 2012, I had a radical mastectomy on my left side. The area underneath the incision was a hard lump of dense tissue. The skin around the underarm and above the incision was hard as a rock, did not have much movement and felt like there was adhesion.
As a result of a stroke in 2004, I don’t have control of my left hand and severely limited range of motion on the left arm, shoulder and scapular. The shoulder is locked up from lack of use. I have been doing therapy on the left side to increase range of motion and regain more use of the left-hand and arm. The thick scar tissue made therapy difficult. When I raised the arm past a 90-degree angle, the scar tissue would pull so I would have to restrict my movement. It interfered with the progress of my therapy.
I have been using cocoa butter and vitamin E on the scars but after a year there was little change. I decided to try the MPS scar treatment with Lily. As Lily worked each area, there was more softening in the tissue around the incision and the underarm area become more flexible. The skin around the incision now had movement. I am able to move those areas and raise my arm a little easier. She would finish the session with MLD which was very relaxing.
With Lily’s help, I am able to get more range of movement in my left arm. As a result, I have made positive progress in therapy to increase the use of that arm and hand.


Lily's MPS Scar Therapy has helped me tremendously. Ever since my sentinel lymph node dissection in my armpit, I have had a hard, thick band along my incision line that was uncomfortable and puckered in. I had physical therapy to work on this problem, but the benefit did not last long. I thought I would always have this problem, especially since it has been several years at this point. Then I met Lily. After just one MPS Scar Therapy session with Lily, I could not believe the difference. The thick band was much softer. Now, after several sessions the scar is finally soft and smooth without puckering in. And it has remained this way! I am so happy and relieved this issue has finally been resolved. Thank you so much Lily!



My name is Bill and here is my story:

When I first started seeing Lily for MPS treatments I had already been to my Doctor. He set me up with a spinal specialist whom I had been going to for a few months. I received 3 spinal injections and several types of medications. I could still not walk for more than a block before stopping. Seeing Lily and getting the MPS treatments done on a regular basis (twice per week) has brought me much better results. I am no longer seeing the specialist. She is an awesome person and great therapist.



I sought Lily’s assistance with MLD while recovering from a liposuction procedure for my stomach and back. My doctor recommended regular MLD for faster recovery. After surgery, my skin felt very tight, lumpy and swollen. In my honest opinion Lily’s massages expedited the healing process and prevented any edemas from forming. She has a very relaxing environment and after each session, the tension in my body would decrease. She was very attentive to my particular needs and made sure she didn’t over do the sessions in terms of frequency and handling so that my body could heal properly.



I sought therapeutic MLD sessions after having breast reduction surgery and noticing that it was taking me too long to heal. The scar tissue under my arms, where liposuction was done, showed several lumps and Lily suggested adding MPS scar tissue therapy to improve the process. I felt much better right after the first session and the healing process improved much faster. I could move my arms easier without pain and the scars were smoother and less noticeable after just a few sessions. Thank you Lily, for your expertise and advice!



My name is Russell; I am 80 years old and a lung cancer survivor. During my treatment here at a Cancer Center in Lake City, I began receiving massage with Lily Van Halen every week. Lily addressed my painful troublesome areas during the massage and found ways to ease my discomforts. She remembered one week to the next what we’ve done, which has relaxed me. I feel the benefits of massage along with the treatment I get for the cancer problems together, help my healing process. I find this gives me a more positive attitude. I am able to move parts of my body now that were not cooperating with my mind before. I am able to do more now. Three weeks ago I decided to help my wife with vacuuming the floor with our self-propelled vacuum cleaner. I was able to vacuum three rooms and the hallway. I believe I am a cancer survivor, the good Lord has a lot to do with my attitude and my body’s healing. The Lord is part of my team along with the doctors and massage therapist at the cancer center here. Miss Lily cares about what she is doing, like the doctors do about their care. She makes a very good team member. Her patient kindness and willingness to listen helps to get things off my mind. My cancer treatment has ended and I am still coming back every week to have my massage. Thank you very much for offering this valuable service. I am sure it would be beneficial for everyone who would take the time to get a massage. Sincerely, 


I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer on 9-26-10. I went thru the de-bulking surgery and then 3 others for abscess and problems with abdominal mess. I went thru chemotherapy after the operation but it had to be interrupted because of the abcess and surgery then post op recovery. During the chemo I met Lily Van Halen, your massage therapist here at the cancer center. She is wonderful. I have had massages in the past because of my back problems (post 4 surgeries, disabled from failed back surgeries) so I was familiar with the benefits of massage therapy but had no idea how much it would help with chemo therapy and it’s side effects. My first round was Carbo and Terazene and then Neulasta the next day. Well the Nuelasta was very painful with my back and leg issues already. So I set up massages for the days I came. What a help, it eased the pain in my back and legs tremendously. As a registered nurse myself I am not sure if Doctors realize the benefits of some alternative treatments. I can assure you that Lily has a great pair of hands, she puts you at ease..talks with you, makes you feel comfortable, and when you go to her room she has soft music and a special massage chair. These massages made my first round of chemo incredibly better. Now I am in my second months of chemo therapy because they found some spots not dead from first round. So I saw her last week because of change of time with my days and she is still the best. I even have a massage set up for next week. Lily You have made a bad situation bearable. I cannot say enough thanks. Respectfully yours,


I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 and a half months ago and have had bilateral mastectomies and axillary node dissection since. I’ve been in physical and emotional pain since. I just had my first massage with Lily and experienced total relaxation and NO PAIN for the first time in months! The caring touch and the aromatherapy were just what my mind and body needed. Can’t wait for the next one….Thank you Lily!



My name is CT, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in October 2015, I was under a lot of pain, especially the joints, the back of my head and the neck. I was swollen all over and had no energy to do my daily tasks and I was getting very depressed, considering that I always have been a very active person, being in a situation like this made me feel really sad. I went to my primary care Dr and she put me in antibiotics for a couple of months, she also gave me other alternative medicines while I got my immune system back to track, she also suggested that I tried to get massage for my neck so I came to see Lily which I knew from before this happened, she gave me regular massage at the beginning, she informed me about lymphatic massage and infrared Sauna which is being used for patients with Lyme disease and I wanted to give it a try.

I came everyday for 10 sessions of Infrared sauna along with the lymphatic massage, the two first days I had a flare up which I was told it was going to happen, but after that I felt great and keep feeling better everyday. I highly recommend Infrared sauna along with the lymphatic massage, it really work for me, is amazing how my energy came back. I know I still have a long way to go but at least now I know what is working for me and how the infrared sauna have help.


​Lily's massages are relaxing beyond measure and I always feel blessed afterwards.

Carolyn G

"I highly recommend a massage session with Lily Van Halen.  She is a caring and intuitive bodyworker. I felt Lily was attentive during my session with her.  My shoulders and neck were much more relaxed after her session.  If I lived near Lily's office, I would schedule a session with her every week!"

Ojela Frank, LMT Author, Founder of Initiation Healing®  Meditation

Massage Therapy

She is sensitive and responsive to my the needs of my body. I usually feel in less physical pain and hence more relaxed. I have success in the treatment when I am having a problem or pain. Lily seems to have a good grasp on the muscular system and how the muscles systems impact one another. Always clean and professional, she is a good listener and creates a relaxing environment.


MLD / FAR InfraRed Sauna    Lyme Disease

Massage for neck pain

Lily has amazing and gifted hands! She made me feel so much better and it was so relaxing in her studio. I can't wait to come back again.

- Virginia . 4/6/2016

Scar Tissue Adhesion Therapy with MLD

Several years ago had breast cancer with bi lateral mastectomy recently had scar revision and needed scar tissue therapy, I was having trouble taking fully deep breaths expanding lungs and diaphragm After treatment the rib cage area is much looser feeling and can now taking a deep breath is no problem anymore ...I can do it with out thinking . The skin also feels soften not as knotty...and I I have more flexible range of motion.

- Candy . 5/7/2016

Therapeutic Massage

lily is an outstanding therapist. The person you want to massage away the issues that ail you.

- Art . 4/7/2016


For close to fifty years I have lived with constant pain caused by a double curvature of the spine. I am 91 and live at the Village in Gainesville, Fl. I have developed an allergic reaction to the usual medication given for this and with continued use of Aspirin and Tylenol …upset my stomach. Recently, I have decided to try massage therapy with Lily Van Halen. From a pain level, on a pain scale 0 to 10, (10 being the most severe) I have gone from a 7 to 9 range to a 2 to 4 range. I do receive the massage weekly for 1 hour. It has been a wonderful relief. There are still momentary flair-ups, but only momentary. I have also learned how to better control the pain and when it might occur. Thank you Lily!


My husband and I both receive massages from Lily. We really appreciate her willngness to come to our home for our appointments. It's convenient and makes life easier for us. We switched from another massage therapist about 3 months 
ago to Lily because we both felt her calming presence and her complete whole body treatments made such a difference in how we felt afterwards. Also Lily takes her work seriously and is always learning new things to improve her work. I like that she honors the massage time as quiet releasing time and doesn't bring a chatter of what's going on in her life to my session. We recommend Lily highly for anyone looking for a massage therapist.

Cynthia and Robert

90 minute Massage

I have been coming for regular massage for the past two plus years with Lily. Her knowledge of trouble shooting painful trouble areas is very good. I love the Bamboo tools she uses which give me deep pressure where I need it. I drive 45 minutes to her office to see her. That is how highly I think of the quality of work she provides. I would recommend her highly. J.

- J . 6/4/2016

Jean... neonatal nurse says,

Lily has a gift she uses through her hands. In the Bible it talks about the laying on of hands for healing. I believe this is a powerful technique not often used today in our culture. I don’t know how else to say it but Lily has that gift. She brings healing to my body through her massage. As an RN who cares for others alot I find I need to give this gift to myself so that I can continue to be a gift to others.

I've known Lily Van Halen for 6months now & she has been my massage therapist since the beginning. Lily is very much attuned to her clients needs & provides an safe,warm & therapeutic environment, keeping in mind the clients needs & comfort. I highly recommend Lily & she will be an asset working with this very sensitive health issues clientele.

Warmly,Terry M.

Therapy tailored to specific medical conditions

This is the only therapy that has allowed me to walk out of each session with less pain, a clear frame of mind and a joyful heart. Utilizing both the Infra red sauna & Lymph Drainage techniques by Lily has relieved me of the constant pain and fatigue I had experienced over the past few years. The treatment worked so well that I actually over extended myself because I felt so great. I suggest going slowly despite the increased energy. Other treatments by professionals in other areas such as chiropractic care, physical therapy and acupuncture were not suited for my condition and often increased my level of pain. Lily is a very skilled practitioner and has intuition and a deep amount of empathy, which is why I would recommend her to anyone who is desperate for relief. The office is very relaxing and allows one to relax and unwind knowing the care given will be professional and top notch! Lori, Newberry, FL

- Lori B 4/16/2016