PreNatal Lymph Massage

A special cushion is used to comfortably lie on stomach or

Lymphodynamics of MLD in Pregnancy

  • Lymph System

  • Hormone change creates tissue change

  • Tissues retain fluid

  • Mechanical pressure of fetus on vessels can increase edema

  • Not an illness but a physiological condition

Indications for MLD

  • Safe at a time drug intervention may not be

  • Edema formation justifies the need for MLD

How this helps you 

  • Keep immune system functioning optimally

  • Illness prevention

  • Reduce edema retention

  • Stretch-mark prevention

  • Stress management

  • Constipation relief

When to begin

2nd Trimester

How to begin

Begin MLD with 10-15 minute session to minimize any unpleasant side effects. Wait 24 hours to monitor and increase time gradually but no more than 45 minutes.

Normal side effects

  • Increased urine output

  • Odor/color change

  • Headache

  • Tiredness

  • All MLD is discontinued with any other side effects

  • Client is recommended to see their doctor


  • Malignant Tumors

  • Acute Inflammation

  • DVT’s

  • Cardiac Related Edema

  • CHF

  • Kidney Disease

  • Do not perform MLD in the 1st Trimester

  • All cases that have been classified as “High Risk”

  • Dental work

After delivery OK

MLD After Pregnancy ~ Get Back Into Those Jeans !!