prenatal massage in Gainesville

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Prenatal Massage in Gainesville

Call  352-278-1025

​​​​​(GPS 7131)...7133 N.W. 14th Avenue...

Gainesville, Fl. 32605

off Newberry Rd. ...take 69th next to Red Lobster...up to N.W. 14th Avenue..take left...3rd house on left...double brick mail box..7131 & 7133....take left at front house driveway ALL THE WAY UP THRU IRON GATE  to my back house...PARK at designated signs ..behind my car ..right side driveway...and to FAR left driveway


Telephone:  +1.352-278-1025


Here are several suggestions for navigating easier…especially at rush hour times..

N.W. 39th AVE....west to I -75 ..take south to Newberry rd exit..go RIGHT…get in LEFT lane to turn LEFT at 69th terrace..traffic light take street up to N.W. 14th Ave.. turn LEFT…Take 3rd LEFT..go up left driveway thru gate and park.

N.W. 16th Ave. or N.W. 8th Ave…go west connect with Newberry Rd..go to (Red Lobster Rd) N.W. 6 9th Terrace…turn RIGHT go up take street up to N.W. 14th Ave..turn LEFT…Take 3rd LEFT..go up left driveway thru gate and park.

IN TIMES OF TRAFFIC TROUBLE...COMING from East to office on Newberry RD..Take rd on RIGHT across from McDonalds…N.W. 61st Terrace…then take LEFT on N.W.18th Ave ..take left on N.W. 71st Street..take RIGHT on N.W. 14th Ave..then... LEFT into 7133 N.W. 14th Ave.

LEAVING from massage office … if rush hour traffic ....take right from drive….then left….on N.W. 71st street…take RIGHT on N.W. 18th Ave ..RIGHT on N.W. 61st Terrace…bear to left ...then make left or right on Newberry Rd.


​  Call 352-278-1025


Tues - Thurs     8:30 - 8:00

Fri -  Sat          8:30 - 4:00